Welcome to the magic of Christmas

Every December, the land is covered in snow, people go out to get presents and supplies, and everyone gets ready for the great night of Christmas Eve. In this time of joy, we decorate our houses with garlands and lights, and the evening shines in a million happy colours. Even if the nights are long and the time is freezing, our spirits are warm with the charm of Christmas.

It is a time of the year when everybody come together to celebrate life. The Christmas Tree is one of the most ancient symbols in Europe, and it represents the beautiful and universal value of being alive. Christmas is a time for gratitude and sharing, it brings back hope and the joy of being together. Every time, men and women smile to each other and spend time together, while the children look up at the Christmas tree, all covered in shiny ornaments and beautiful lights, their eyes opened in innocent awe.

Celebrate Christmas with our ornaments


We feel and understand the spirit of Christmas, and our wish is to reflect it in all our creations. In Trysordy Christmas you will find the finest selection of Christmas tree ornaments. Tree toppings, garlands, braids, spheres, finials and all sorts of decorations. We create each one of our items with true passion, for it is our vocation to reflect the beautiful meaning of Christmas in these works of art that will last forever.

The ornaments that we hang from trees are heirs of an ancient tradition. Back in the medieval time and even before, people in the Northern lands used to decorate pines with candles and fruit-shaped pendants that became today's ornaments. They represent life and how it can bloom even in the darker times. Imagine for a second the cold, dark, long night of the Arctic circle, all lit up by a thousand candles. Amongst the dry, leafless trees covered in snow, a myriad of coloured fruits hang from the branches, because there is life and prosperity sprouting even in the depth of frozen winter.

Today's Christmas ornaments and lights continue this beautiful story of hope. What is best to honour this wonderful message than living the tradition? Our ornaments are crafted with full awareness of the original message of Christmas.


Nowadays, this message has been quite lost, buried under a seaquake of commercialism and shallowness. People are more worried about what they are going to wear on Christmas eve than about the true meaning of hope and being together. With our ornaments, we want to bring the old message back. 

Bring joy and awe to your home today!

Call us to learn more about our selection of Christmas ornaments. Order in advance and you will receive a great discount. Christmas is coming and you should receive it the best way. Turn your Christmas tree into a magical torch of happiness and hope today with Trysordy Christmas ornaments! Fill out the contact form above to learn more! 


Nothing is more valuable than the company of your loved ones.

"Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I love the loving atmosphere that it creates around us all. I found in Trysordy Christmas the perfect touch for the holiday decorations. They reflect exactly how I feel about Christmas!

By Sheryl Fine

"The ornaments of Tysordy Christmas never dissapoint. The finishing detalis, the artistic choices, the glitter, the design... These people bear the spirit of Christmas in mind when they create their products and you can tell!"

By Larry Osbourne

"The image of a Christmas tree covered in ornaments and lights is simply magical. I will never stop loving Christmas. Everything about this holiday should reflect its true essence, which is sharing something beautiful and being happy to be alive. Thank you Trysordy Christmas for portraying such a great feeling."

By Fiona Lewis